Freezing Edge is a spin-off of React Finland conference arranged 1st of June, 2020 in Helsinki as a single day live coding focused event.

International Speakers#

The eight speakers of the conference have varying backgrounds and our roster includes many of the leading names from the community. The single track format allows our visitors to get most out of the experience.

Focused Audience#

We expect the audience to be mostly local. Our target is to attract up to 200 attendees although the proximity of React Finland will likely extend the reach.

Your Spot to Shine#

We are offering the perfect spot for companies to promote their knowledge and presence in the developer ecosystem through sponsorships. In addition, there will be also side activities with speakers and organizers to connect and communicate with top level professionals.


Cost (VAT 0)1.000 €3.000 €5.000 €
Conference tickets2 x ☺4 x ☺6 x ☺
Visibility on social media and website☺ ☺☺ ☺ ☺
Logo size on website and app☺ ☺☺ ☺ ☺
Banner in conference
Banner on stage
Speaker area access
Logo on slides between the talks
Job announcements
Area in sponsor lounge for booths / promotion
Item in the goodie bag*
Attendance for the speaker events (e.g. the speakers' dinner)
Special requests
  • means we'll let people decide whether they want swag and what kind of swag they want as we're environmentally conscious. If attendees don't want swag, we'll use the equivalent amount of money for charity instead.

How to Sponsor?#

If you are interested in any of our sponsorship packages, get in touch (info <at>!